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Louiso Gardening Visits Venetian Gardens

November 27, 2019
On November 26, Louiso Gardening came to Venetian Gardens to provide a gardening workshop for the residents. Each resident was able to pick out their container, which rocks and or sand, which plants and trinkets they wanted in their own personal planter. Everyone was happy & was able to express their great talents.

Our residents enjoy getting out and being in our Loveland community. At Venetian Gardens, we are so fortunate to have such incredible caregivers that support our residents and families. We believe our "Culture of Care" extends beyond the walls of our nursing home and always have a great time with our Loveland and Cincinnati neighbors.

As part of the Foundations Health Solutions family, Venetian Gardens follows the values of nursing home developer Brian Colleran by creating a Culture of Care in our nursing home and Loveland community.

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